There are people out there who actually hate that there are fat people who are happy. They get so worked up and upset about it that they are sitting there stewing right now in their confusion as to how it’s even possible and wondering what gives us the right.

That’s pretty awesome. I think we deserve a pat on the back for ruffling the feathers of assholes.  


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Invisible woman.

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Invisible Woman: Talk about a process of finding your identity.

People think that your identity is a question of self-discovery. But you can’t discover something if you don’t go looking for it.

Repeat after me: You are not going to find yourself if you sit on Tumblr and wait for it to happen. Somethings are an accident. But being open and active to the possibilities is important.

Here’s an example. A few days ago, I’d tweeted that essentially teenagers should be given a free, year-long trip to discover themselves, without social concerns.

What I’d meant is that you could literally shave your head, just to see how you feel about it, and in a few months let it grow back, but nobody is going to be “What happened to your hair!?” because nobody knows you wherever you chose to take the trip. You could get piercings, work with temporary tattoos to decide if you’d want any permanent, and just do whatever you wanted with yourself for a full year, and figure out where your body and soul align and sit just right.

The best way to find your identity is to ignore people. Your identity is not for them. It is for you. You have nobody to please but yourself. If somebody has a problem with you, they can walk away. But you’re stuck with yourself forever, so if YOU have a problem with you, fix it.

Change your handwriting. Change your attitude. Change your wardrobe. (Money’s a big issue, I understand, because I suffer from it, too, but press on.) Finding your identity is fundamentally an act of consciously pursuing character development.

If you were to go sky-diving, even though you’re afraid of heights, and your mother said “Why would you do that, you’re afraid of heights.” You look her in the eye, respond with “I’m finding myself.” And leap off that plane.

Finding your identity is a treasure hunt and definitely a task, but knowing who you want to be, and knowing that some things can’t be changed, are the first and most important step. After that, just strive for it. Every day, ask how much you did over the hours to be shaped to who you want to be, and then tell yourself you’ll do even more the next day.

**The money issue is kind of hard, and if you’re someone good at saving money, save up and buy everything you can that will benefit you. If you’re looking to get fit, and want it done sooner than later, cut sweets and fatty foods out of your budget. If that money is going to new clothes, spend every cent on them. Should you have a bit of spending money, buy something positive to your goals. If you want to be an artist, get a new sketch pad, or some new pens, anything like that. If you want to eat more healthily, buy some fruits or something. DO NOT spend money on anything that detracts from who you want to be. You are your own dream and you’d better make that shit come true.

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In honor of the death threats I received because of my fatness, here are the rest of the photos from today. 

Bless my double chin. Bless my soft tummy. Bless my touching thighs. Bless my flabby arms, my muscled calves, and my thin ankles. Bless the way my eyes close when I smile without thinking. Bless my jiggly boobs, that refuse to let any garment fit the way it “should.” 

Bless the hard fucking work I have to do to love myself every day, and bless the fact that I am surviving. Bless the days I cry. Bless the mornings I pass the mirror without looking. Double-bless the mornings I concentrate on my reflection and ask g-d why I was made so damn perfect. 

I will not let other people’s vocalization for the hate of my body to be the end-all. I get to be the one to finish these “conversations”. The discussion of my body is a discourse that only I get to have control of, and my rules are positivity only. I will turn the daggers of distasteful, unsolicited body hate into swords of self-love.